Parts List to Build a Telecaster
Guitar Workstation
Warmoth Telecaster Body
Warmoth Birdseye Maple Telecaster Neck
Gotoh Kluson Tuners
Installing String Ferrules
Installing the Fender Vintage 3-Saddle Bridge
Shielding the Pickup Cavities
Assembling the Switch and Pots to Control Plate
Wiring the Pickups, Input Jack, Switch and Pots
Wiring the Pickups
Installing Input Jack
Installing Pickguard
Dressing the Frets
Installing the Strap Pegs
Guitar Set-Up
Finished Guitar Pics
Overview of Complete Building Process
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Building a 1963 Vintage Lake Placid Blue Telecaster

This website provides an overview of my experience building a Telecaster from various components.
As I searched the Internet to find information, tips, tricks, and past experiences of others, on such a project I found there were some websites out there but they provided more of an overview rather than a detailed look at the process. Being that I enjoy web development and Telecasters I thought this a perfect opportunity to share with the guitar community my experience - mistakes included - in building a Telecaster.
At first I was looking for a complete list of parts or components necessary to build a Telecaster - no such luck - so I created my own spreadsheet listing potential parts, vendors, websites and cost. I will put that on this site at some point. I feel it is a good reference to give one an idea of options and subsequent costs.
As I began the project I realized that there is no definitive path, albeit where certain tasks must be completed before others (not to over simplify but you need a bridge and tuners on a guitar in order to string it and test your pickup wiring). The menu at left provides links to my various "areas" of the guitar I worked on. Each section provides a gallery of thumbnails; sequenced as best as possible, to present the steps involved. I provide some commentary under each thumbnail and each thumbnail is linked to a larger version of the picture with more detail provided. Additionally, there are links to hi-res versions of most pictures.
Now I've read some websites that question the use of the term "building" when one is assembling "components" and not actually milling the wood or routing out body and neck cavities, installing truss rods etc. I have also found some interesting replies to such a statement; the overarching theme which I agree wholeheartedly with. In essence the question I ask is "Does Ford not build cars because they assemble a multitude of components which they as a company did not make or manufacture?" Our English language lexicon still has folks stating and understanding that Ford builds cars.
Additionally, there is an overarching question of ability and expertise. Ford may not have the capabilities to build certain components nor does it make financial sense for them to develop a certain capability - leave the expertise in the hands of the experts.
Anyway - enough musings - time to get to the fun.

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