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Building a 1963 Vintage Lake Placid Blue Telecaster - Bridge Assembly

Click on each image below for a larger view.

This section presents the steps I used to mount the bridge pickup to the bridge, prepare the body for mounting the bridge and then installing the bridge.

Mounting the bridge pickup to the bridge is fairly straightforward - slide the two screws that came with the pickup through the holes in the bridge, slide on the rubber spacers and then attach the pickup. Height adjustments are made during the set-up process.

Attaching the bridge to the body was not difficult as long as you apply some patience. I hand tested the bridge mounting screws to find that the pre-drilled holes on the body were far to small in diameter due to the build up of paint and finish. So I taped off the body to protect against scratches and used a very fine small diameter file to widen the holes. I was careful to work the file around the entire hole and to file in small increments - testing the fit of the screws as I went along.

A tip to inserting the screws - you can see that I placed the screws on some wax paper then placed a few drops of dish soap on each screw. Additionally, I rubbed each screw on an old bar of soap - this lubrication makes setting the screw quite easy. A note: I used a very low clutch setting on my cordless screw driver - I did not want it to slip and damage the heads of the screws or scratch the bridge.

Building a 1963 Lake Placid Telecaster - Home
Fender Vintage 3-Saddle Bridge

Image: 100-Install-Vintage-Tele-Bridge.JPG
Fender Vintage 3-Saddle Bridge

Image: 101-Install-Vintage-Tele-Bridge.JPG
Bridge and neck pickup.

Image: 102-Install-Vintage-Tele-Bridge.JPG
The bridge with pickup mounting screws in place.

Image: 103-Install-Vintage-Tele-Bridge.JPG
The underside of the bridge with the bridge pickup mounted.

Image: 104-Install-Vintage-Tele-Bridge.JPG
Side view of the bridge with the bridge pickup mounted.

Image: 105-Install-Vintage-Tele-Bridge.JPG
Preparing the screw holes to mount the bridge.

Image: 106-Install-Vintage-Tele-Bridge.JPG
Another view of the hole reaming.

Image: 107-Install-Vintage-Tele-Bridge.JPG
Another view of the hole reaming.

Image: 108-Install-Vintage-Tele-Bridge.JPG
Bridge mounting screws.

Image: 109-Install-Vintage-Tele-Bridge.JPG
Two mounting screws inserted.

Image: 110-Install-Vintage-Tele-Bridge.JPG
Two mounting screws inserted.

Image: 111-Install-Vintage-Tele-Bridge.JPG
The bridge installed.

Image: 112-Install-Vintage-Tele-Bridge.JPG
Another view of the test stringing.

Image: 113-Install-Vintage-Tele-Bridge.JPG
Another picture of the 3-saddle bridge.

Image: 114-Install-Vintage-Tele-Bridge.JPG

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