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Warmoth Birdseye Maple Telecaster Neck
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Installing String Ferrules
Installing the Fender Vintage 3-Saddle Bridge
Shielding the Pickup Cavities
Assembling the Switch and Pots to Control Plate
Wiring the Pickups, Input Jack, Switch and Pots
Wiring the Pickups
Installing Input Jack
Installing Pickguard
Dressing the Frets
Installing the Strap Pegs
Guitar Set-Up
Finished Guitar Pics
Overview of Complete Building Process
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This page presents information on resources for building a guitar. The page lists websites I visited to garner information, companies' websites where I purchased parts and tools and general information on my process and some of my experiences dealing with the various guitar parts companies.

Company Information and Details
Click a link below to see details about what I bought and my experience with each company.
Telecaster Body and Neck - from Warmoth Fender Texas Special Telecaster Pickups and Other Electronic Components from Guitar Electronics
Luthier Tools - Assorted Files and Guages from Stewart-MacDonald Nickel Tuner Screws (much more available) from Guitar Parts Resource
Books from Amazon Crafstman hand tools from Sears - The Best Tools


URL - www.warmoth.com

Just go to their site because inventory changes periodically. Good web site with lots of great parts and info.

I heard they were the best for parts so I searched their website and found a body and neck that would be perfect for my project.

I was disappointed to have finish cracking and chipping on both the neck and body that I bought. I taped the neck to perform some fret work. I used 3M Blue Painter's Tape for Delicate Surfaces to tape off the neck. I left the tape on overnight as I was unable to finish the fret work in one day. When I removed the tape the next day, to my dismay, the finish had peeled off between the 5th and 7th frets. Just a small piece came off.

On the body the finish chipped off at the input jack hole. I had to widen the hole to fit the input jack cover due to the finish being sprayed inside the hole. It appeared that my sanding "broke" the bond of the finish on the body at the hole and most of it chipped free. I tried to repair it - a bit hastily - at least most of the input jack cover hides the damage - and most folks don't look at that part of the body anyway. I had the same "finish chipping" experience when widening the holes for the string ferrules. Fortunately that chipping was minimal and covered by the lip of the string ferrules. I must admit that I was quite disappointed and frustrated to have that happen on a neck costing over $250 and a body costing $450. I would have expected the finish to not chip off like it did.

My other complaint is that I opted for 2nd day delivery and my packages came 8 days later. I called Warmoth and complained; to no avail at first, but eventually I worked things out with the Sales Manager.

Items bought from Warmoth:
  • Telecaster Body - Lake Placid Blue with White Binding
  • Telecaster Neck - Birdseye Maple - No Skunk Stripe - Warmoth Side Adjust Truss Rod
  • Vintage Gotoh Kluson Tuners
Guitar Electronics

URL - www.guitarelectronics.com

Found the website and went to order my parts when, low and behold, they were in town - Phoenix, AZ. So I drove up there and met Rob Super, the owner. I made three or four trips up there he was always helpful, courteous and willing to spend time with me (even checking out my finished guitar).

The other staff members get a little flustered - most likely because I only go on Saturdays (due to their hours of operation) and Saturday is a very busy day for them. All in all a great place to do business with.

I was back up there this past Saturday (11/4/06). I had a small list and he had every item in stock. Again, Rob spent a great amount of time with me discussing my project and efforts.

Items bought from Guitar Electronics:
  • Fender Custom Shop - Telecaster Texas Special Pickups
  • Control Plate
  • Fender String Tree
  • 4-Way Switch
  • Wiring Kit
  • Volume and Tone Pots
  • Input Jack
  • Jack Cover Plate

URL - www.stewmac.com

Always helpful and courteous on the telephone. Easy to use website and very smooth transaction processing online.
One nit (being in the e-commerce "industry") - it would be nice to be able to view your previous orders online under your account.
Items bought from Stewart-MacDonald:
  • Notched Straightedge
  • Micro-Mesh Touch Up Stick
  • Fret Leveling Files
  • Diamond Fret Levelers
  • Fret/Fingerboard Leveler
  • 3M Stikit Gold Film Self-Adhesive Abrasive
  • Double-Edge Fret File
  • Fret Dressing Stick
Guitar Parts Resource

URL - www.guitarpartsresource.com/guitar_index.htm

The irony here is that the shipping cost was $5.95 and the cost of the 16 screws was $2.99. I needed the screws since two of the (cheap-oh) screws that came with the Kluson Tuners broke.

These screws were slightly larger that the ones that came with the Kluson tuners but try and find 1/2" nickel screws at your local ACE Hardware or Home Depot...

Items bought from Guitar Parts Resource:
  • Nickel Tuner Mount Screws

Book Titles are linked to Amazon.

What can I say - Amazon is Amazon - the mall of the Internet.

Note: these titles are also available on Stew-Mac's website.

Items bought from Amazon:
Sears - Craftsman Tools

What can I say - the best hand tools available. I used a variety of hand tools, power tools, cordless tools and clamps for working on the guitar and building the guitar workstation.

I found the Craftsman 7.2 volt High Performance Cordless Screwdriver to be the perfect fit for light duty drilling (pickguard screw holes); string winding and driving screws. The adjustable clutch allows you to set the torque so as to not overdrive or strip/break a screw.

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